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if you're here, then that means you've stumbled upon - or were directed to - my long fic archive. but what does this mean? it means that, from now on, anything I write that has to be split up into chapters (or maybe I just don't want to post on livejournal) is going to wind up here instead because, as i've been told and i've seen for myself, you can post an entire novel in one entry here and that's better for me. when I write, I don't do chapters. it just kind of... flows as one. don't worry: nothing will be locked here.

fandoms you will see here: the a-team, the big bang theory, supernatural, the social network

(note: this is based on what I currently have in progress or that are in the planning stages. more fandoms will be added as I write.)

hopefully you enjoy my stories and thanks for stopping by!
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a plastic man of steel
zack/kripke, stuart (the big bang theory)
pg13, 18,805 words
Kripke is pretty much okay with this weird little friendship he has going on with Zack and Stuart (really, he is, believe it or not). That is, until one evening when Kripke comes home to find he's been broken into and Zack offers him a place to stay. After that, everything starts to go upside-down; Stuart doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut and Zack... well, Zack won't stop being Zack. And somewhere in the middle of it all is a Superman action figure who probably knows how to make everything right but he's not talking.

notes:: I don't even know if I have much to say about this fic right now which is a big deal for me because usually my 'author's note' could go on and on for pages if I don't reign myself in a bit but this time I got nothin'. I kind of fell in love with the idea of these three becoming rather reluctant best friends after the season 4 episode "the toast derivation" and wrote a bit in my livejournal about what I thought a tv spin-off with these three guys would be like and, eventually, once big bang sign-ups started, that small idea kind of evolved into… this. IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE SLASH. OKAY. I TRIED REALLY, REALLY HARD. I made it 20 or so pages without screwing it up and I was so proud but then things happened (damn you, things!) and it all turned really gay really fast so I just went with it because there was no point in trying to fix anything. I thought about writing Kripke's dialogue in, you know, the way he talks but I knew it would get frustrating to write (and read) pretty fast and I figured everyone knows how he sounds. I don't need to show you. and, it goes without being said but I'll say it anyway: hopefully there aren't any missed mistakes but, if there are, I will find/fix them in time).

you can find the rest of the absolutely glorious art by [personal profile] jazzfic right here!

I get so caught up and nervous and freaked out and concerned with trying to come up with plots that I think other people will read or like (which is why I rarely finish or wind up dropping out even if I do finish) instead of what I want to read and what I enjoy writing and this is what this fic is all about. I had fun writing this, I enjoy these characters. I wrote this for myself but if you love it too well, then, that's just a bonus.

now, the "thank-you"s: thank you to [personal profile] jazzfic, who was an absolute joy to work with and made me beautiful art. I want to thank [profile] ofstardust, [community profile] vangogh, and my tumblr friends for answering all my stupid comic book and doctor who questions (like: "who would Superman be friends with on Facebook?" and "would Superman and Daredevil get along?" and "if you were introducing someone to doctor who where would you tell them to start?"). thanks to [personal profile] tju_tju_tju_tju for existing. thanks to my twitter and livejournal friends for listening to me complain/cheer about this. and thanks to Two Steps From Hell for making the album illumina which I listened to over and over again while writing this fic.

It wasn’t part of the plan to have friends. )
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(we don't believe in) you and your wrecking crew
face/murdock, hannibal, b.a. (the a-team tv show!verse)
r, ~18,200 words
A week ago, everything was pretty much okay. Seven days ago, there were only mumbles or rumors of a new virus that arrived from seemingly nowhere. There were sirens. There was the Journalist in the Tweed Jacket. There was leaked information, there was disproved information and then… there was this.
blood. gore. some harsh language and scary imagery/situations.

notes:: when I saw this request over at [profile] a_team_kink I nearly stopped breathing with joy because it was exactly everything I love: the a-team, zombies and apocalypses. I knew there was no possible way I could let this slip through my fingers so I did what some may see as a stupid thing and scooped this baby right up into my loving arms. I also knew that the chances of this being anything under 10,000+ words was inconceivable and that taking this prompt under my wing would mean pushing off to the side everything else I needed to get done. but, you know what? IT WAS WORTH IT. other things you should know before reading: this is focused on the tv show and not the movie. that's important to remember as you read this (although, if you really wanted to pretend, I won't have to know). this story isn't funny (because zombie apocalypses are serious business, gdi) although I did try to keep some of the light-heartedness of the show intact. bad things happen to good people. and, depending on your favorite characters and who you ship, you may or may not like the way this ends. whoever you are, anonymous, I hope this is what you wanted. (also: I read through this a couple times before posting and, as far as I could tell, I fixed all glaring grammar, etc. mistakes. I can't guarantee that I got all of them however. i'm sure that, upon going over it again and again like I tend to do after I post fic, i'll find and correct others).

In the beginning, there were only sirens. )
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there's more than flesh and bones
cameron/tyler; divya (the social network)
pg13; ~5,300 words
Cameron dried his hands on their only dishtowel and sighed, mimicking Divya’s previous position, glancing down to his feet and smiling to himself just a little bit. Sure, he could tell him. It’s not like he’d believe it.

notes: written for this prompt. this… let’s just say that I hope this is at least kind of close to what you wanted. I don’t know. I just started writing and this came spilling out (seriously; this fic is a perfect example of ‘making it up as you go along’). I figured since everyone’s always messing with the lore when it comes to werewolves, I could pretty much play around with it a bit as well but I didn’t change too much. the winklecest isn't overt but if you look, it's definitely there. and yes, I did end it that way on purpose.

there is a link back to the livejournal entry at the end of the fic where you can leave me a comment (if you so choose, of course).

The entire room smelled like meat. )
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another man you can't even see
gen. (the a-team tv show!verse or movie!verse)
pg13; 4,935 words
Murdock knows this isn’t right, that Templeton shouldn’t be there at all, that if he is there’s something seriously wrong but he can’t make himself believe it because just seeing him again is making his heart hurt just a little bit less.

notes: written for prompt B in this request. when I first saw this prompt, my head was already starting to tick tick tick with ideas. I love "what if" kind of stories and this one was exactly like something I would write. but oh, I didn't know what I was getting into. this took me longer to complete than I would have liked it to and it's not even as long as I thought it would be. I cried twice while working on this because the subject (surprisingly) hit me hard, harder than I thought it would (and I thought it would have absolutely no effect at all). I apologize if there are any mistakes that I missed.

He meets Templeton Peck when the guy shows up to the door of his airplane and asks if he could catch a lift. )
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found a path to our alikeness
amy/murdock. (the a-team tv show!verse)
pg; 6,150 words
Amy wasn’t sure she liked where this was going. It wasn’t like she disliked Murdock – actually, out of the four of the men she hung around with day in and day out, Murdock was at the top of her list (not that she would tell anybody that) – but just that she had no room and the last thing she needed was to be supervisor to a crazy man.

notes: this story, you guys. I don't know. i've written het pairings often when doing my original stories but never for fanfiction (I usually stick with slash or gen). sure, I have het ships for a few of my fandoms but i've never thought to write it, especially not anything like this. I knew this was going to be a challenge going into it but I decided not to let that deter me and i'm glad I didn't because I actually really loved writing this. a lot. it could have been much, much longer but I didn't really want to go overboard. if you couldn't tell, this is for the tv show since there is no Amy in the movie (not yet? but that's a discussion for another time) but, if you don't know the character, you're more than welcome to put any actress that you want in her shoes (I hate to admit it, but I did exactly that (and I know what the original Amy looks like!). I have a picture of the actress Beth Riesgraf as my desktop background and my mind kept imagining her as Amy from then on - which would just cause all kinds of time paradoxes but, what can you do, am I right?). other things you should know: i'm not a romantic kind of person, but I tried. and of course there's a happy ending. also, no mix this time, unfortunately. I was far too lazy to make one and I didn't have one I could re-use so, instead, I wound up putting Regina Spektor and Lisa Hannigan on shuffle.

Amy was sitting on her couch, leaning over the too short coffee table that had her note from the story that was due yesterday and she rearranged them, shuffling the scraps of paper as she tried to make sense of it all. )


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he will fall out of the sky; face/murdock (a-team movie!verse). pg-13.
meet me at the alter in your white dress; b.a./murdock (a-team movie!verse). pg.
I am you and you are me; lynch/pike (a-team movie!verse). pg-13.
impulsive creations; face/murdock (a-team tv show!verse). pg-13.
(we don't believe in you and) your wrecking crew; face/murdock (a-team tv show!verse, zombie apocalypse au). r.
don't understand if you really care; face/murdock (a-team tv show!verse). pg-13.
he's something else; amy/murdock (a-team tv show!verse). pg.
found a path to our alikeness; amy/murdock (a-team tv show!verse). pg.
waste of paint; face/murdock (a-team tv show!verse). r.
only treading water; face/murdock (a-team tv show!verse). pg.
running in quicksand; face/murdock (a-team tv show!verse or movie!verse). pg-13.
set the snakes loose; gen (a-team tv show!verse). pg-13.
who needs perception; face/evil!murdock (a-team tv show!verse, mirror!verse). pg-13.
the housework won't wait; gen (a-team tv show!verse, life-in-a-grand-manor!AU). pg.
worry, worry; face/murdock (a-team tv show!verse). pg.
another man you can't even see; gen (a-team tv show!verse). pg-13.
untitled [potential work in progress]; face/murdock (a-team tv show!verse). [not yet rated].
strings; face/murdock (a-team tv show!verse). r.
oddly domestic; lynch/pike (a-team movie!verse). pg.
not what he had planned for; lynch/pike (a-team movie!verse). pg-13.
but nothing comes close; gender!swap Face/B.A. (a-team movie!verse). pg-13.
the only one that's mine; Face/OMC (a-team movie!verse). r.
secrets and airplanes; gen (a-team movie!verse). pg.

note: this is being kept here more for my own purposes (so I can keep track of everything i've written or am currently in the process of writing or intend to write) but you are welcome to browse.